Download the Online Catalog. (To download the file you might need to “right click” on the link, and download the file to your computer.)  In addition to the catalog, you will also want to:

Download the Retail Price List*   –  this list contains the prices and quantities for our full catalog including gold plated, raw brass and metal beads and crystals. This list does not include the silver items, r-products, our specials or limited offerings.

Download the Retail Silver List*  The Silver plated pieces that we currently have are on this list.  The numbers (with an S after them) and prices are the same as the pieces available in gold plating. This list shows you only the pieces which are available in “non-tarnish silver plate” –making it easier for you to choose if you are making a silver piece.

Download the Limited list*  for Gold and Silver Items which are in limited supply. Most likely when they are gone, you will not see them again. These items are not listed in the catalog. They will be pictured on the website here under “Limited Items”   You can order directly through our shopping cart or use the “Limited”  Price List and e-mail or call.

Download the price list for the “R” Products * We have always carried these items in our catalog. We bring them to you from other artisans and manufacturers. Included are non-metal beads, metal minis, electrical parts, tools, glue, etc.

*The prices are subject to change.  We will be updating the price lists as necessary.