1828, 1829, 2223 – Pendant rings and Shades – $5.90 set

1828, 1829, 2223 – Pendant rings and Shades

The hobnail Plastic Shades fit on the gold plated Pendant ring. They are sold in a set of 1 pendant ring + 1 shade, or you can get the Pendant ring by itself.

The shades are available in two choices: A transparent hobnail in clear plastic or a transparent hobnail in a ruby red. The shades are 1-3/8″ – outside diameter and are 5/8″ high.

#1828 is the Crystal shade and Pendant ring

#1829 is the Ruby Red shade and Pendant ring.

If you wish to order only the Pendant ring, it is #2223. The ring measures 1-1/2″ Outer Diameter by 1/4″ High.

Additional Details: Pendant ring only - $2.25

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