(R-761 or R-762) Strip Lighting with Two LEDs – $16.00 each

(R-761 or R-762)  Strip Lighting with Two LEDs

The Two LED Strip Light is available as R-761 – Bright White (Novalyte NSL2-BW) or as R-762– Warm White (Novalyte – NSL2-WW). The R-761 or R-762 each have two chips mounted on a strip. These lights are very good for wherever you need a shorter and brighter strip light. The lights and the resistors in the housing measure 1.250 x 0.34325 x 0.125 inches. If you need a smaller footprint, the strip light can be taken out of its housing. This reduces the size to 1.000 x 0.200 x 0.125 inches. There is about 18 inches of 2 conductor 32 gauge wire attached. Each 2 LED strip light is ready to be connected to a 12 volt AC or DC power source.

Additional Details: Based on information from Novalyte