(R-752 or R-754) – Ceiling LED Cans with White Rings – $12.00 each

(R-752 or R-754) – Ceiling LED Cans with White Rings

R-752 and R-754 are part of the Novalyte NCL Can Light series. R-752(Novalyte NLC-BW-W) has a bright white LED, while R-754(Novalyte NLC-WW-W) has a warm white LED. Both lights come with 7/16″ O.D. White (Translucent Plastic) Dress rings. The “Can Lights” can be used with or without the rings.

The “Can Lights” are designed as recessed lighting fixtures. Because they do not get hot like incandescent lights, they can be completely embedded in the standard 3/8 plywood ceiling of a dollhouse or other miniature without needing a ventilation space above the light.

As with all the Novalytes, these LED lights are made to run on 12v @35mA – Your standard dollhouse transformer. The size of the “Can” is: Max; 5/16 (0.3125) x 5/16 (0.3125) O.D. You will need to drill a clearance hole with a drill size of 21/64). When put into place, the outer opening of the “Can” will be even with the ceiling. The Dress Ring will sit over the edge of the “can” and the ceiling to form the trim. You can choose not to use the rings or to use other rings of your own design.

Based on information from Novalyte

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