(R-834) – Black Heat Shrink Tube – $0.70 per foot

(R-834) – Black Heat Shrink Tube

(R-834) 1/16 inch or 3/32 inch Black Heat Shrink Tubes

The R-834 larger diameter heat shrink tubes can be used for interconnecting heavier gauge wires or bundles of smaller wires. Each tube is black in color. The piece measures 1 foot in length. You cut it to your desired length. The tubing shrinks to 1/2 the original size when it is heated, so you want to make it long enough to cover the bare wires after it is shrunk. The shrink tube is thin-walled so it does not take up space after shrinking, but is still very hardy. You can shrink this tubing with a hair dryer, an embossing tool or lighter, candle or match.

Two different sizes are available: 1/16″ inside diameter or 3/32″ inside diameter. The 1/16″ tubing is good for 24-gauge wire (speaker type wire). The 3/32″ tubing will take an 18-gauge wire (lamp cord size). Make sure that you indicate which under the size drop down.

Other uses for this tubing are to bundle wires together; to cover the sides of the LED to make the light more directional; to hold a bundle of fiber-optic cables to the surface of a sanded LED bulb; and other uses you may find for it. I use it to insulate soldered connections so that they do not touch each other or metal.

Rated wire size and applications are:

R-834 1/16 – 1/16″ inside diameter -fits 24 gauge, -i.e. 1 speaker-type wire. Evan Design

R-834 -3/32″ 3/32 inside diameter- fits 20 gauge, i.e.18 gauge lamp cord, lead-in wire. Evan Design

Additional Details: Sold by the foot

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