(R-484) – Tiny Clear Heat Shrink Tubes – $2.96 pkg.

(R-484) – Tiny Clear Heat Shrink Tubes

R-484 (CK1033-3) Clear Heat Shrink tubes pkg. of 12 $2.96

The R-484 (CK1033-3) heat shrink tubes are some of the smallest made, both in diameter and wall thickness. The inside diameter is .040″ or just slightly larger than the insulation on a GOW bulb wire. The wall thickness is approximately .002″ (the thickness of transparent tape). This gives a very small diameter over the wires once the tube has been heated and shrinks.

These small Heat Shrink tubes make a very good way to connect 32-gauge wires such as GOR wires or socket bulb wires together without soldering the connection. To use the Heat Shrink tubes: before attaching the wires together, slide the shrink tube on one of the wires to be joined moving the tube up the wire away from the end. Then twist the bare ends of the wires securely together so that they form one wire, and slide the R-484 – shrink tube back over the connection, making sure that the bare parts of the wires are inside the tube. Once in place, apply a very small amount of heat from a hair dryer or craft heat gun to shrink the tube and create a tight, insulated connection for the wires.

This item comes in a package of 12 pieces. Each piece of tube is approximately 1/2″ long.