(R-725) – Half scale Ceiling Adapter (1:24″) – $6.95 each

(R-725) – Half scale Ceiling Adapter (1:24″)

The R-725 Ceiling Adapter is the Half scale version of R-615.

The R-725 (CK804-4) Ceiling Adapter allows any Half Scale (1:24) light to be mounted on the same surface as the tape run and become a “plug-in” fixture. Using this push-in, pull-out chandelier/ceiling fixture adapter, chandeliers and ceiling fixtures can be made removable, using the ceiling plate that is part of most chandelier/ceiling fixture designs. The brass-plated finish and flush fit results in a matching and well-coordinated ceiling plate assembly. When attached, it will appear as an integral part of the chandelier ceiling plate itself. This item R-615 has been scaled specially to fit with half-scale fixtures.

The adapter can also be used with round wire. The ends of the wire go into the holes in the ceiling along with the spring eyelets thus making contact with the electricity.

Complete instructions are included with the Ceiling Adapter.

Two special spring-loaded eyelets R-724 (CK1023-6) are included with each adapter. These eyelets firmly grip the adapter and securely hold the chandelier/ceiling fixture to the ceiling.

This smaller adapter measures 11/32″ diameter by 3/32″ thick.