R-369 – Round Sconce Adapter, R-369-B – Hex Sconce Adapter – $6.95 each

R-369 – Round Sconce Adapter, R-369-B – Hex Sconce Adapter

R-369 Sconce Adapters for One-inch scale (See R-726 for half-scale adapter)

Using the sconce adapter R-369 (CK801) or R-369-B (CK801-1), it is easy to attach sconces to your electric source or change the sconces or bulb. With the sconce adapter, a sconce may be installed on either a vertical or horizontal tape run and may be rotated up to 30 degrees in either direction for perfect alignment.

The adapter is available in R-369 – a round shape or R-369-B – a hexagonal shape whichever fits your sconce back better.

The brass plated adapter ring is suitable for even the most ornate of wall fixtures. Complete step-by-step instructions, with detailed illustrations, are included in each package.

2 Special spring-loaded eyelets R-724 (CK1023-6) are included with each adapter. These eyelets grip the adapter plug and ensure a tight fit against the wall.

The adapter measures 11/32″ diameter by 3/32″ thick.

Additional Details: Available in round - R-369 or hex shape - R-369-B

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