(R-615, R-616, R-617, R-618) – Chandelier-Ceiling Adapters – $6.95 each

(R-615, R-616, R-617, R-618) – Chandelier-Ceiling Adapters

R-615, R-616, R-617, R-618 Ceiling Fixture Adapters

Four different diameters available in these adapters allow their use with almost any existing size chandelier/ceiling fixture. With the brass-plated finish and flush fit, they result in a well-coordinated ceiling plate assembly, usually appearing as an integral part of the chandelier/ceiling fixture plate itself.

With a push-in, pull-out chandelier/ceiling fixture adapter, chandeliers and ceiling fixtures are made removable using the ceiling plate that is part of most chandelier/ceiling fixture designs.

These adapters do this by using specially designed spring-loaded eyelets. These eyelets firmly grasp the adapter and securely hold the chandelier/ceiling fixture to the ceiling. They have shown capable of holding fixtures weighing more than four ounces. Most chandeliers/ceiling fixtures weigh in at less than an ounce. The four different diameters allow them to be used with almost any existing size chandelier/ceiling fixture. All instructions included.

Two special spring-loaded eyelets R-724 (CK1023-6) are included with each adapter. These eyelets grip the adapter plug and ensure a tight fit against the ceiling.

The adapters are available as follows:

R-615 (CK804) Chandelier/Ceiling Fixture Adapter (15/32″ diameter)

R-616 (CK804-1) Chandelier/Ceiling Fixture Adapter (19/32″ diameter)

R-617 (CK804-2) Chandelier/Ceiling Fixture Adapter (11/16″ diameter)

R-618 (CK804-3) Chandelier/Ceiling Fixture Adapter (27/32″ diameter)

Also available is R-724 (CK1023-6) Spring-Loaded Eyelets (2 Pak)

Additional Details: Additional spring loaded eyelets R-724 available - $2.95 pr.