(R-415) – Plug-In Ceiling Canopy – $6.96

(R-415) – Plug-In Ceiling Canopy

R-415 (CK806, CK806-1)This Ceiling Plate allows any light to be mounted on the same surface as the tape run and become a truly “plug-in” fixture. It can also be used with round wire. The ends of the wire go into the holes in the ceiling for the spring eyelets thus making contact with the electricity.

2 Special spring-loaded eyelets R-724 (CK1023-6) are included with each adapter. These eyelets grip the adapter plug and ensure a tight fit against the wall.

Complete instructions are included with the Ceiling Plate.

The R-415 canopy is available in brass plating or black finish.

R-415 is the brass. R-415-B is the black finish.