(R-487) – Swivel Spotlight with socket – $4.96 each

(R-487) – Swivel Spotlight with socket

The R-487 Spotlight Bulb and holder (CK1010-10) provides a very bright, focused beam of light. It may be pointed in any direction and at any angle to provide a spot light or localized area of lighting. It also will swivel in a 360 degree arc and allow a complete 180 degree front-to-back movement. The large glass covering makes a highly-focused lens and creates an extremely long-lasting bulb; more than 5,000 hours.

The bulb works on any 12-volt system. It measures approximately 7/8″ in length by 3/8″ diameter, and draws 180 ma of current. The bulb comes with attached 12″ white wires and may be snapped in and out of its holder for easy replacement. All metal parts are nickel plated.