(R-388, R-389, R-390) – Fluorette Bulbs – $2.50 each

(R-388, R-389, R-390) – Fluorette Bulbs

Ideal for back lighting or illuminating rooms, these fluorescent shaped bulbs provide an effective indirect lighting source. They are available in either frosted or clear tubular glass. The frosted bulb gives a uniform and diffused light over a large area whereas the clear bulbs display a brighter and more localized illumination. Fuse-type snap-in/snap-out construction allows easy bulb installation and replacement.

Each bulb measures approximately 1/4″ in diameter by 1-1/2″ in length. They use a 12 volt transformer.

All 3 types have a 2,500 hour bulb life when used with a 12-volt transformer.

Use Fluorette sockets R-391 (CK1019) for use with a tape run system or R-392 (CK1019-1) with solder eyes for use with a hard wire system. They are found in Lighting Accessories.

Power consumption for the bulbs is:

The Clear bulb R-388 (CK1018-1) and the Frosted bulb R-389 (CK1018-2) is 70 to 80 ma. each

The Super-bright Showcase Bulb – R-390 (CK1018-3) draws approximately 220 ma of current.


Additional Details: $2.50 each; $26.80 per dozen