(R-405, R-421) – Micro-Flame bulb on Wires – $2.50 ea.

(R-405, R-421) – Micro-Flame bulb on Wires

These are the smallest flame-tip bulbs – .079″ (2.0 mm) in diameter. They are excellent for chandeliers, sconces, and coach lamps requiring extremely small bulbs. The Micro-Flame bulb on two wires is available with either 12″ white insulated wires or 12″ varnished wires. They are 12 volt bulbs and the current drain is 40 ma.

They are available with white or varnished wires. Be sure to indicate the color wire in the color box above right.

R-405 12″ white wires

R-421 12″ varnished wires The varnished wires are slightly thinner than the insulated white wires, but a bit more rigid

Additional Details: $2.50 each; $26.80 per dozen