Floral Bouquet/Capodimonte Chandelier – $45

Floral Bouquet/Capodimonte Chandelier

Quantity Available: 3

With this 1:12 kit, which is perfect for a small or intimate space, you can make a delicate gold-plated chandelier with 5 lit or 5 false candles or you can paint it in the Capodimonte style in white or ivory with red, blue or your choice of color. The center stem, composed of graduated globes separated by little “hoods”, extends down to a floral arm piece holding the 5 candles. The K-GC-22e kit includes 5 replaceable lights (12 volt), while the K-GC-22n kit has 5 artificial candles.

Both kits include instructions for painting in Capodimonte style.

size:  1-1/2” H x 1-5/8” D