Gargoyles with glowing red eyes – $20.00 each

Gargoyles with glowing red eyes

Quantity Available: 8

These Gargoyles, hand painted by Judy, have their eyes fitted with red LED lights to give them that “haunting” look.

There are 4 styles or poses of Gargoyles from which to choose.  Select the style you want in the “size” option to the right.

You will need a 3 volt coin battery to run them (R-826) or 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries. Any higher voltage will burn them out. If you wish to use them with 12 volt dollhouse wiring, the Gargoyle is available with a 12 volt compatible LED upon request.        Click here to go to the page that has a selection of batteries, holders and transformers. R-826 is the 3 volt battery and connector.