Candles with LED lights – Quarter Scale

For each candle:

  • 1/16″ brass tubing (for the candle itself) cut approximately 3/16″ to 1/4″ long – This will give you a candle body of 9″ to 12″ real life.  R-218 or R-571.
  • 1 nano chip in warm white with magnet wires attached – R-792 ( either R-792-3v, -9v, or -12v depending what your power source will be)
  • glue – G&S jewelers cement -(R-182)
  • Clear Silicone Adhesive – I use a silicone adhesive in a tube (3 oz.) such as Clear Silicone Adhesive Sealant by Loctite.  You do not want the caulk or the poly-seal type.  The caulk does not hold as well and I had really bad luck with the poly types.
    I have used other brands of the Adhesive and they worked well. Just happen to have this one now and have been very pleased with it.
  • White paint.
    1. After cutting the tube, file the openings smooth.
    2. Very carefully bend the wires at the chip so that they come out perpendicularly from the botto
    3. m of the chip. (Fig.1)
    4. Candle-1String the wires through the tube – leaving the chip laying on the top. (fig. 2)
    5. Put a small bit of the clear silicone adhesive around the base of the nano chip and where the wires are soldered on to it. Make sure that you also get the silicone between the 2 wires so that they do not touch each other and short out. The silicone will act as insulation and also glue the LED to the tube. (fig.3)
    6. When dry, paint the tube with a white paint. I have used regular craft paint or Testor’s.
    7. When all is dry, Use the silicone and a tooth pick or a corsage pin to draw the siliconCandle-2e into a flame shape on the top of the nano chip. Fig.4)


                  The wires are shown as straight, but usually the red and the green wires are twisted together. The red wire goes to the red wire of the battery connect (positive pole)  and the
              green wire connects to the black wire of the battery connect (negative pole).