(R-795, R-796, R-797, R-794) – LED “Bulbs”

(R-795, R-796, R-797, R-794) – LED “Bulbs”

LED Bulbs – You have a choice of 4 different sizes of LED “bulbs”.  The size of the bulb is the diameter of the bulb.  All sizes are available in the various voltage configurations: 3v DC,  9v DC,  12v AC/DC.  The bulbs have stiff wire legs on the base of them which can be bent carefully to a right angle. The following “bulbs”  (R-795, R-796, R-797) have a wire soldered to each leg. The fourth choice – R-794 will be treated separately below since the configuration is a bit different.

The wires for the  3 volt DC bulb have no other appendages on them, so they string easily through small holes and tubes.

The  9 volt DC bulb has a resistor on one wire of the LED. It is either attached as a “bump” on one leg or placed at a distance from the LED so that it can be hidden in the wall or under furniture. If you are running the wires through a bead or tube, you will probably have to cut off the wire about 1.5 to 2 inches above the resistor and then fasten it back on after wiring your light.

The 3 volt and the 9 volt are DC power only – so they have one red and one black wire attached to them. The red wire attaches to the Red or + (positive) side of the battery and the black attaches to the black or – (negative) side of the battery.

The bulb wired for 12 volts – the Universal, has a small circuit board bridging between the two wires. Again I have had it put at a distance from the bulb. If you want to run the wires in a tight spot, you will have to cut the wires above the circuit board, run the wires and then re-attach it. (Directions are included.) 12 Volt LED setups usually have 2 black wires (instead of a black and a red) since they can be used for DC or AC and the polarity does not matter since the circuit board takes care of that. BUT if you do cut the wires, make sure that you put them back together on the same side of the board that you took them from. (See information on how to cut and re-attach wires).

These bulbs are available in warm white or cool white, but the warm white is most popular for lamps and other indoor places

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