Matching Results: Custom-built Lighting

Castle Ring

Castle Ring$240.00

G-C-47 – Castle Ring                                                   size:  1” H x 2-7/8” D       10 lights Perfect light for a castle or formal rustic – This large, impressive chandelier has 10 lit candles with drips on a wheel … [View Details]

Early Santa Fe, Chandelier and One Sconce

Early Santa Fe, Chandelier and One Sconce$50.00

Q-C-28 Early Santa Fe, Chandelier and Sconce, Quarter Scale.   The electrified option has the Chandelier with one downward light in center column.  The sconce candle is also lit with an LED candle.

Gargoyles with glowing red eyes

Gargoyles with glowing red eyes$20.00 each

These Gargoyles, hand painted by Judy, have their eyes fitted with red LED lights to give them that “haunting” look. There are 4 styles or poses of Gargoyles from which to choose.  Select the style you want in the “size” option to the right. You will need a 3 volt coin battery to run them (R-826) or … [View Details]

Gone with the Wind lamps

Gone with the Wind lamps$30.00

H-L-06E   –  Gone with the Wind Lamps        1:24 (1/2 inch) scale. Hand painted flowers, 1 light in the top globe  –  Available with rose/pink flowers shown with ovoid base, dark red flowers, or brown Hunting scene and ovoid base.