Matching Results: Adhesives

R-170 – Duro No-run Super Glue

R-170 – Duro No-run Super Glue$2.45

.06 oz tube

R-181 – Quik Stik

R-181 – Quik Stik$3.00 each

R-181– Quik-Stik is a museum type wax used to hold pieces in place without staining. It is removeable without leaving a mark. Packaged in a one ounce plastic container.  

R-182 – G&S CEMENT

R-182 – G&S CEMENT$6.00

The original cement used in the watch repair industry.  1/3 oz.

R-185 Zap-A-Gap

R-185 Zap-A-Gap$3.00

Gap filling Cyanoacrylate –1/4 oz

R-606 Plastic Cement

R-606 Plastic Cement$3.60

Plastic Cement (Testors brand)