Matching Results: Pliers and Wire Cutters

R-252 – FORME  D’ART Flush Side Cutter

R-252 – FORME D’ART Flush Side Cutter$9.50

Hardened stainless steel  with removable coil spring.  Lap joint.  You will find this to be a very good cutter,  5”

R-256 – RELENTLESS Round Nose Pliers

R-256 – RELENTLESS Round Nose Pliers$22.70

Premium quality professional jewelers pliers with highest grade steel, tips.  Leaf springs, vinyl – coated handles – 4½” – Made in Germany

R-602 – Watchmakers Round Nose Pliers

R-602 – Watchmakers Round Nose Pliers$6.95

Box jointed, stainless steel with cushioned handles.  These slim micro mini pliers are especially helpful with fine smaller scale work.  5”

R-624 – Quality Round Nose Pliers

R-624 – Quality Round Nose Pliers$6.95

Jaws taper smoothly from box joints to small tips.  Long  lasting plier with cushioned handles.

R-632 – SONORA Round Nose Pliers

R-632 – SONORA Round Nose Pliers$12.00

Box Jointed, highly polished stainless steel with finely tapered tiny tips.  Textured grips – 4 ½”.

R-633 – SONORA Flat Nose Pliers

R-633 – SONORA Flat Nose Pliers$12.00

Box joint with narrow 1/8” tips, stainless steel with textured grips – 4½”.

R-635 – Heavy Duty Flat Nose Plier

R-635 – Heavy Duty Flat Nose Plier$14.95

Plier with strong box joint and 5/32” tips.  Made in Germany with vinyl grip handles.  5”

R-636 – Strong Side Cutters

R-636 – Strong Side Cutters$5.50

Side Cutters with box joint.  Serviceable cutter will last for years.