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One-candle “wrought iron” sconce fixture

One-candle “wrought iron” sconce fixture$20 pair

A pair of  “wrought iron” sconce fixtures to match the rustic hanging fixture from last month. This sconce is perfect for a Country Early American, Medieval or other rustic setting. It is available in 1″ scale or 1/2″ scale.

Sconce pair (1/4″ Scale)

Sconce pair (1/4″ Scale)$10

Sconce pair – A single globe Victorian sconce – 22K gold-plated pierced back has an embossed flower on it. Available as an “unlit” sconce, as well as an LED “Lit” sconce.  The lit sconce uses a 3v LED in the globe. Battery and holder not included. Please select standard shipping for your shipping choice in the … [View Details]