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Classic Floor Lamp – 1/4″ scale

Classic Floor Lamp – 1/4″ scale$15

A classic floor lamp lit with a warm white LED light in Quarter Scale. The nicely segmented pole in 22 K gold plate is topped with a vellum drum shaped shade. 1-1/2” tall x 3/16” D (with shade). (Battery & holder not included) Also available in an “un-lit” version at $10.00. PROMOTIONAL PRICE!  Since this … [View Details]

Classic lamp with a glass flowered vase – Half Scale

Classic lamp with a glass flowered vase – Half Scale$20

Half  Scale Classic lamp kit with a glass flowered vase – base can be used either as a vase or an urn – Shade and trim included. Directions and patterns included. Available with either a 3 volt LED warm white light or a replaceable 12 volt Cir-kit light. Base is available in pale blue, pink, … [View Details]

Floral Bouquet/Capodimonte Chandelier

Floral Bouquet/Capodimonte Chandelier$45

With this 1:12 kit, which is perfect for a small or intimate space, you can make a delicate gold-plated chandelier with 5 lit or 5 false candles or you can paint it in the Capodimonte style in white or ivory with red, blue or your choice of color. The center stem, composed of graduated globes … [View Details]

Flower Torchère Floor Lamp – 1/4″ scale

Flower Torchère Floor Lamp – 1/4″ scale$15.00

Flower Torchère Floor Lamp  – A poppy shaped bowl directs the warm white LED light upward towards the ceiling. The nicely segmented pole is 22K gold-plate.  (Battery & holder not included) Quarter scale.

Gooseneck lamp 1/4″ Scale

Gooseneck lamp 1/4″ Scale$10.00

Gooseneck lamp – A traditional desk lamp with a flower-shaped glass shade – available with choice of shade color:  Red, green, opal, blues, browns, mauve PROMOTIONAL PRICE!  Since this is a new offering, the kit is available for 25% off.  The price will go up to the regular retail price of $10 on February 1st. … [View Details]

Lawn Dog with Sign

Lawn Dog with Sign$3.75

A cute puppy to put on your miniature lawn. He comes with several different messages. Although perfect for 1” scale, he can also be used as a large lawn statuary piece for half scale. Puppy is cast resin and includes sign and a patch of ground to sit on. Paint the puppy with colors of … [View Details]



Masks –Paint your own masks. Two different shaped masks – one long and one round are available in each kit. Each kit also has a page of 10 – 12 pictures to use for painting ideas.  Instructions are included on how to change the shape (if desired) and how to paint the masks. One inch, … [View Details]

One-candle “wrought iron” sconce fixture

One-candle “wrought iron” sconce fixture$20 pair

A pair of  “wrought iron” sconce fixtures to match the rustic hanging fixture from last month. This sconce is perfect for a Country Early American, Medieval or other rustic setting. It is available in 1″ scale or 1/2″ scale.

Quarter Scale Hanging Brass Lamp

Quarter Scale Hanging Brass Lamp$9.00

This classic hanging lamp brings fond memories of home. The bottom and the shade are gold-plated and resemble a brass lamp, however they can be painted to resemble a tole lamp in the color of your choice. The KPP-18Qe includes an LED light while the KPP-18Qn is not electrified. size: ½” H x 5/16” D … [View Details]

Sconce pair (1/4″ Scale)

Sconce pair (1/4″ Scale)$10

Sconce pair – A single globe Victorian sconce – 22K gold-plated pierced back has an embossed flower on it. Available as an “unlit” sconce, as well as an LED “Lit” sconce.  The lit sconce uses a 3v LED in the globe. Battery and holder not included. Please select standard shipping for your shipping choice in the … [View Details]

Table top fountain (KPP-2)

Table top fountain (KPP-2)$15

Table top fountain – a three-tier fountain (Quarter scale is two-tier) sized to sit as a decorative item on a table or stand. Three sizes available (One inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch scale) Can also use next larger size for a garden fountain.  Kit includes cast layers, “stream of water”, greenery. Please select standard … [View Details]

Two candle “wrought iron” hanging fixture

Two candle “wrought iron” hanging fixture$65.00

A Two candle “wrought iron” hanging fixture, perfect for a Country Early American, Medieval or other rustic setting. The center pipe connects to a chain to the ceiling. Electrified for 12 volt systems. Available in 1″ scale or in 1/2″ scale. Please select standard shipping for your shipping choice in the shopping cart.