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R-171, R-172 – Gold or Silver Wire

R-171, R-172 – Gold or Silver Wire$2.90 each

R-171 and R-172 are Bead Wires. Each spoolcontains 24 yards of the color wire. Both gold and silver wires are 34 gauge. R-171 is the spool of gold wire. R-172 is the spool of silver wire.

R-199 – Building Pins

R-199 – Building Pins$2.00 pkg.

    R-199 – These are strong, steel pins upon which you can build a lamp, a chandelier or anything where you want to keep the pieces in line while you glue them and they dry. They are 1-1/4″ long. There are 24 pins in a package.

R-213 – Micro-Clamp

R-213 – Micro-Clamp$2.25 pkg of 4

R-213 – A very versatile tiny clamp that is 1 inch long total. The jaws are 3/8″ long and are flat and smooth. The jaws open to 5/16″ at the end. These clamps are gre great on anything from paper to thin metal. They are packaged 4 clamps to a package.

R-512 – Twisted Wire Bead Needles

R-512 – Twisted Wire Bead Needles$2.15 pkg of 4

R-512 – These Twisted Wire Bead Needles are packaged as a 4 piece package. There is 1 fine needle, 1 coarse needle and 2 medium needles. They are made of flexible stainless steel. Put the end of the thread through the eye of the needle and use pliers to pinch the eye closed over the … [View Details]

R-609 – Beading Thread

R-609 – Beading Thread$2.50 each

R-609 – Tightly woven 100% silk beading cord. Color – off-white. #1 cord – 0.35 mm thick, 2 meters long, very fine beading needle attached to one end.