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A Basic Understanding of LED Lightings for Miniatures

Why use LEDs for miniature lighting? There has been a growing interest in the use of LEDs (Light Emitting diodes) for lighting in miniatures. I feel that this interest will continue to expand and become more and more important in making miniatures. This is especially true in the smaller scales. I have used LEDs in … [View Details]

Lampshades: the Pattern

Lampshades may be made in any size or shape, color or trim. Scrapbooking card stock makes a good base for the shade itself. This material may be shaped, printed, slit or anything else you might wish to do with a paper. Make sure that the paper that you are using is “archival” so that heat, … [View Details]

Making Lampshades

This tutorial shows a way to construct your lampshade structure at a very reasonable cost. It is adaptable to any size or shape lampshade that you desire. The picture to the right shows a tiny shade on a candle sconce. These tiny shades have also been used on chandeliers in the popular “shades on candles” … [View Details]