Includes Scissors, Tin Snips, Tube Cutters, & Wire Cutters

Matching Results: Scissors & Cutting Tools

R-204 – Tubing Cutter

R-204 – Tubing Cutter$6.00

    Will cut 1/16” tubing but takes patience.


R-205 – TINY TINSNIPS$5.00

    Slices through chain, wire, thin brass findings.  Powerful leverage.  Chrome plated. 4.5″

R-636 – Strong Side Cutters

R-636 – Strong Side Cutters$5.50

Side Cutters with box joint.  Serviceable cutter will last for years.

R-638 – Large Loop “Cuticle” Scissors

R-638 – Large Loop “Cuticle” Scissors$4.75

So helpful in cutting around edges of decals. (Will not cut metal.)