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690 – Non-Bendable Brass Rod

690 – Non-Bendable Brass Rod$.90 each

690– is a Non-Bendable brass rod with a eye loop on the end. It is used for a straight rod inside lamps or chandeliers or wherever you want to easily maintain a straight line of the parts. It is 2-5/8″ long not including the 1/8″ eye. The end opposite the eye ends in a sharp … [View Details]

R-199 – Building Pins

R-199 – Building Pins$2.00 pkg.

    R-199 – These are strong, steel pins upon which you can build a lamp, a chandelier or anything where you want to keep the pieces in line while you glue them and they dry. They are 1-1/4″ long. There are 24 pins in a package.