Here you will find Lamp parts such as shades, rings and harps. Also here you can find metal shades for Tiffany lamps and pendants, and other metal parts useful for shades.


Matching Results: Light and Lamp Parts

1828, 1829, 2223 – Pendant rings and Shades

1828, 1829, 2223 – Pendant rings and Shades$5.90 set

The hobnail Plastic Shades fit on the gold plated Pendant ring. They are sold in a set of 1 pendant ring + 1 shade, or you can get the Pendant ring by itself. The shades are available in two choices: A transparent hobnail in clear plastic or a transparent hobnail in a ruby red. The … [View Details]

1837 – Tiara Ring and Shade

1837 – Tiara Ring and Shade$6.95 - 2 piece set

1837 is a 2 piece set made from brass plated with 22 karat gold to result in a bright and handsome shade. The set is composed of a metal shade with a finely pleated surface.and a tiara ring for the shade to sit in or on. The Shade is 1″ in Outside Diameter and 1/2″ … [View Details]

R-47 – Small Plastic Shades

R-47 – Small Plastic Shades$1.05 /dz

R-47 – are small shades for small lamps or candles. They are 10mm deep and 15mm across the widest part. Available in: R-47C – crystal – ; R-47-CF – Frosted Crystal; R-47-P – pink; R-47-Y – Yellow; and R-47-OF – Apricot Frost. You can also dye them to make a special color. They are sold … [View Details]

R-81, R-87, R-90 – Plastic cone shades

R-81, R-87, R-90 – Plastic cone shades$2.50 each

These shades are shaped white cone shape shades. They can be used with the various rings and harps to put a shade on your lamp. R-81 is 1 inch high and is the largest shade. It uses Ring #R-82 (3/4″ Diameter) to hold the harp R-83 (which has a 1/8″ D tube to connect to … [View Details]

R-82, R-85, R-88, R-91 – Rings for top of shades

R-82, R-85, R-88, R-91 – Rings for top of shades$2.00 each

These 4 rings are made of brass and fit into the top of the shade so that it may sit on a harp. They may also be used at the top of a shade that you design. R-82 (3/4″ D) is the largest ring and fits the top of R-81 shade. R-85 (5/8″D) is perfect … [View Details]

R-83, R-86, R-89, R-92 – Harps for Lampshades

R-83, R-86, R-89, R-92 – Harps for Lampshades$4.25 each

The purpose of the harp is to attach the shade to the lamp by connecting to the ring at the top of the shade and the tube coming out of the lamp base. The harps are made of brass. The first 3 are mated to the previous rings and shades, while the fourth harp is … [View Details]