Gramophone Kit 1″ scale – $15.00

Gramophone Kit 1″ scale

Quantity Available: 50

This kit is for a charming 1 inch to 1 foot scale model of an early gramophone enjoyed in the late 19th to early 20th Century. The box is of wooden pieces with metal parts for the mechanics and a vintage bead for the horn.

All the parts necessary to complete the project are included.

Tools and supplies that you will need to complete the project are: a small file, tweezers, paint brush and small scissors.   White glue such as Tacky or Weldbond are needed for the wood and label; a glue for gluing metal to metal (G-S Hypo Cement or Bond Jewelry Cement or gel-type Super Glue); Gold paint or gold pen; stain or stain pen in your choice of color; small amount of medium sandpaper; and if desired – antiquing solution (Such as Folk Art -Med #811).  Additional tools are available for sale on this site in the “Tools” section.

Scale: 1 inch = 1 foot

Finished size:   1″ x 1 ½” x 1 ¼”   base = 1” x 1” ,  horn extends 1/2″ beyond the base.