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We are the premiere company for all your jewelry and miniature findings needs. Whether you are a handcrafted jeweler, a miniaturist artisan, or simply enjoy making things for your own enjoyment, we have the highest quality silver, brass and gold plated findings for you. In addition, we have a selection of tools, display boxes and other items to enhance your work and your presentation.

Spring is going to come – The question is when? With Spring comes the shows. Are you ready for them?  We have been getting new pieces in – They will be put up here as soon as they have been plated and ready for sale. We have a number of new kits for you. Come back often and see what has been added.

Unfortunately, the US Postal Service has also added something new – higher postage prices as of January. Hardest hit are the overseas packages. In the last two years prices have become almost twice that of a couple of years ago for the flat rate small box. Today I discovered that UPS will not be left behind.  It has been creeping up. What I used to pay around $9.00 for was delivered today. The postage to me was $20.40 for a small package. The platers have sent out a letter explaining that they have to raise their prices. And on it goes.

Judy Andraka – JAR/JAF Findings


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We have over 2,000 gold and silver plated miniature and jewelry findings for purchase. While many of our selections are available for order right from our site, our full selection is available in the CATALOG (click here) and available for purchase via email, fax, phone or US mail.

Judy A.

UPDATE: November 4, 2015